How to Maintain a long-lasting Marriage –¬†Couples know each other, there is an attraction, they go out, they fall in love and they get married as a natural conclusion. However, making this decision is not the end of a path, but a step in the story of a few. The marriage itself solves nothing, it is not proof of intense love in the couple and does not make two people together (or happy) for the rest of their lives. How do you make a marriage that is not only sustainable but also happy? This may vary from person to person, but here are some general guidelines: Sorry, do not let the hassle take up a lot of your time and time. To forgive oneself above the ego and our own perception is to give true love and to understand that we are all human and therefore imperfect. Think about the day you make a mistake, you also want to be forgiven. The sense of humor is the best remedy against bad mood. Accept¬†Although people change with time and experience, these changes only happen positively if they are motivated by their own desire.