How to Know People Are Lying –¬†We never know what’s in people’s hearts. The real thing is not necessarily what others tell us. This is not the time to go easily and trust people. You must be vigilant if you do not want to be fooled. It is not really difficult to know if the person is telling you the injustice. Because, without knowing it, the person does or says something that indicates that he is lying. Here are ten ways to discover that people lie. Moving eyesThe first way to discover someone who lies is through his eyes. There is a saying that the eye can explain more than speech. Maybe this saying makes sense, because you may know that other people are lying to you or not through their eyes. People who lie unconsciously will feel uncomfortable with themselves. In your brain, you ask questions of this person who does not want to answer them. Because the person already knows the real answer (reality) in his brain but does not want to say it, his eyes will move constantly to the right and left. This fuzzy eye is a sign that they are in a dangerous situation.