How to Find Peace When the World is Falling Apart –¬†You try to calm your soul and to silence your mind. Peace is in you and you can find it by following these simple tips. He had just spoken to an employee who is going through difficult times in his life: painful divorce, only 3 children, a serious change in his lifestyle and his economy, debts, change of house, leaving friends and relatives as a result of their divorce. , the broken car, the illness of one of their children, a lot of exhaustion, and as if that was not enough, the death of their father after a long illness. When he told me that all this had happened to him in the past three months, a small tear appeared in his eyes, after which he smiled at me and said – but I’m better and everything is fine – we intertwined with a lot of love and left to continue with our trip. Later, he saw her in the distance, hastily completing her last chores of the day, with two backpacks, her bag and the smaller one while holding her hands to others and saying goodbye to her friends with caresses and kisses.