Do You know How to Face Your Fear of Change? – The fear of change is contradictory because change is the experience we have had from birth, without realizing it, our bodies, our environment, our experiences, the people we know, we do not learn what we do. before that. Changes are part of life because life is a movement. The problem arises when we are aware of the change and when we begin to relate it briefly to uncertainties, tragedies, life problems, briefly to take care of uncertainty, and we all ask malicious questions: “What if … x, yz?You want it, and sometimes your intelligence tells you that staying in a comfortable area is the best way and that there are no changes that lead exactly to any uncertainty of positive return. In other words, all people are doing well, because we have a return that says that everything is going well because we are always prevented from entering the area of ​​development or learning. Change is necessary to learn and build as human beings. Changes have an important role to play in your life, the most important thing is that you clearly see what you want to change and be prepared to deal with changes you can not control, including problems