How to Face Problems in Life –¬†We often find ourselves in a difficult situation and we do not always know how to deal with it. We can meet a sick family member, with an exam, with a break in love or, in my case, with my unemployment situation. There is no magic formula and if there was one, I can assure you that I do not have it. What I am going to give you is good advice from a humble blogger: Be positive do not have to sink because we have a problem because if we confront it in a negative way, we will not solve anything, on the contrary. If you face the problem with a smile, you will see everything differently. I recently met a girl who had a kidney transplant years ago. He told me that when the doctor asked him to do the transplant, his reaction was none other than “fortunately there is a machine that can help me.” He was looking for the positive side of his illness. It means living with positivism and the rest is nonsense. Minimize the problemThe The world does not stop there. If you revitalize, you will realize that it is not that much. Your problem is the dust on the planet Earth and the planet Earth is the dust in the middle of the universe.