How to Denounce an Abusive Partner –¬†What can help us make the decision to report our partner? Today, we will discover some tips for filing a complaint, as we recommend to anyone facing the same situation. Reporting an insulting partner seems simple when this situation is experienced by another person. However, when this happens in our own flesh, justifications (many irrational and absurd) prevent us from making that decision. That’s why today we are going to discover some tips that can help us. There are currently many options and resources available to report an abusive partner. However, we remain reluctant to use them. With these 4 tips, let’s see how we can use them to protect ourselves from these harmful relationships. How to report an abusive partner below is a series of tips and useful ideas: Get on family and friendsIf we have a violent relationship, we often do not want to see reality. Our friends and family may have told us that this person is not good for us and we must leave. The truth is they are right.