How to Deal With Satire Without Using Emotions –┬áHave you ever had a friend who satirized? What do you always hurt your eyes to constantly insinuate? Disabling is really unpleasant, especially if you think you are the one who is suggested. However, it is not necessary to face it emotionally, there are different ways to deal with satire without arousing discussion. We are often moved when we are insinuated by others. The reactions to the satire of the face vary reprimand, confrontation with persons insinuating or who are silent of fear. Bacaterus has 10 ways to manage innuendo without engaging emotions or violenceHow to handle satireClarification of the inhabitants of the neighborhood is not necessary for you to explain everyone in detail when you are involved in public. Let people judge themselves for your behavior so far. To solve the problem of satire, you must immediately clean with the person closest to you.