How to be Happy: Be Grateful – I was 70 million dollars and I was depressed because I wanted to have 100, “a friend told me a few years ago when we had eaten after a conference in New York.He had literally collected tens of millions of dollars, but he thought it was not worth it, but he needed at least a hundred million dollars.His desperation, anxiety, stress, and the constant question of who he was, what he had accomplished, and his worth as a person led to depression and bankruptcy.”I ended up with $ 432 in my bank account,” he told me.”I remember going to the ATM, checking my balance and saying, what did I do?” – he told me.After a few years, of course, he managed to reconquer his fortune and even to double it.But this time, he did things differently, completely differently. And part of the change is what I want to share with you today.