How to Act if You Find Yourself Stuck in a Traffic Jam –┬áDid you know that drivers in big cities are stuck in a car for 62 hours a year on average? This leads us to waste not only a lot of time but also fuel. But the truth is that we can not do much in these situations. The best way to avoid this is of course not to stay there, to inform us of the current traffic situation, to avoid rush hours and bottlenecks. However, if it were so simple, there would be so many traffic jams and the normal thing is that, even if we try at all costs, sooner or later we’ll be stuck between a mass of stationary cars and the roar of cars. engines of other vehicles. .With that, we only have patience and empathy, because other drivers are just as frustrated as we are. This is why we must also avoid the bad glass and as calmly as possible, advance little by little to get out without losing our heads. And the only thing you can get is to increase your chances of having an accident. Today, in our tire shop, we bring you some tips on how to act if you’re stuck in a traffic jam.