How The Chemistry of Happy Relationships Works –¬†At one point in our lives, we were happy, very happy and even relaxed. Sometimes these are very special occasions that have even been recorded in our memory and we still hope that on many other occasions, in everyday life, we can experience the same pleasant and enjoyable sensations. Especially when we fall in love, the feeling of happiness and well-being in general that we experience is very clear; everything seems good in our lives, but sometimes these pleasant feelings can disappear suddenly, gradually or for a long time. When we meet someone, the feeling of well-being and happiness begins; and when the couple falls in love, their life is transformed and everything seems to be honey above the flakes because their hormones work to their full potential. Happiness hormones they are called dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, and oxytocin because they are the chemical explanation of those emotions and sensations