Healing a Broken Heart – Everyone had to heal a broken heart at some point in their lives. After all, a fracture is a temporary injury in the “I”, a fracture printed at some point in our life cycle, but that should not determine our future. Blows like that, like broken bones, heal, but yes, we have to heal ourselves in the best possible way.This experience of losing something important can also happen in many situations and not just in romantic relationships. Some may have fallen in love with someone who did not respond, others have seen that this link would inevitably disappear and even why not, we can also break our hearts to lose a very dear friend.As curious as we are, there are people who take this wound for a long time. They make him silent for them. Some people say “no” to falling in love, because nothing justifies a new relationship behind this lost love. This behavior and other types of behavior undoubtedly indicate that we do not want (or do not know) to heal a broken heart.So, no matter how much you go through these bad experiences, you can always start all over again. However, we must be willing to do the right thing and take the necessary steps. When we bond and make sorrow our best friend, life lowers the curtains and everything loses its momentum, its color, its hope.