He Really Loves you By Doing These Things –¬†As my grandmother has always said, “every head is a different world”, and conjugal relationships are proof of that. Even the author John Gray in the book “Men come from Mars, women of Venus” confirms the different forms of communication between the sexes. Just as a woman thinks that her husband must know the art of loving to better understand it, men must think the same way. However, this is the relationship of the couple: complex, subjective and somewhat complicated. More than once, I’ve heard stories of women constantly complaining because their husbands do not understand them because they have raised false expectations. Because of this, they experience an accumulation of emotions such as sadness, disappointment, and disappointment. However, it is not about understanding the couple or thinking the same way to find happiness, but to do things and generate actions that strengthen love. For example, it may be very important for you to always tell yourself that you love and for your husband, the most important thing is to get a hug from you.