Have you been disappointed? – I’m sure you have that, we all have that.¬†We are disappointed with the promises that people make but do not keep; We are frustrated with their behavior because we did not expect them to be like that! Or we are disappointed with a group/organization/company/service provider, etc. If we are disappointed, we think it is the fault of the other party. We blame them and we care about them, we want them to assume their responsibilities and do good, up to our expectations. See where is the problem? Our expectations of people and organizations are in our hearts and minds. We define these expectations in them. Although many boasts of these expectations but do not answer them, how do we treat them? So let me tell you one by one. First, we need to understand and apply the fundamental principle of the next life that saves you a lot of headaches, headaches, time and energy. WE CAN NOT CONSULT US THINGS. BUT WE CAN CHECK HOW WE RESPOND TO ALL SITUATIONS.