Gratitude: How to Know How to Give Thanks to Live –┬áTo take things for granted is a very human attitude. In general, it is difficult for us to appreciate what we are used to. There is a mechanism in us that makes us live, unconsciously, with great greed for novelty. Yes, as soon as this novelty becomes daily, we lose interest. This way of life makes us forget the importance of gratitude and did not take things for granted. Evaluation is not showing education are accustomed to thanking as children. This way of behaving, like so many others, is a sign that we have been trained. Education makes us worthy people to live in the society in which we were born. However, when we thank, in most cases, we are not aware of any form of gratitude. Someone who really feels grateful does not have to show it to anyone. Gratitude is an inner feeling that makes us feel true fullness.