Friends are that Family We Can Choose –¬†For me, life is like a roller coaster; From time to time, there are bends, dizzy falls, steep slopes that make you alive and there are also moments of calm. It is the existence of a person full of moments of peace, joy, fears, fears. Sometimes you are surrounded by many people and sometimes you are alone, but you always learn something, and as long as you do, you will win. The problem is that you know that you are going to live in a complicated situation. You do not know for sure if you can count on the support of your family. It can happen that it happens; for many people, however, it is the opposite and when they seek the comfort of their loved ones, they find only criticism, coldness and harshness. What to do if you are in trouble and you do not have support from your family? We must first clarify that there are happy and unhappy families. Happy families try to help, support, give affection, lead members. Unhappy families act in the opposite direction, judge, criticize, insist repeatedly on the mistakes of their members and leave in case of great need.