Finding Your Creative Self –¬†Creativity lives within each of us. I will not join you to those who think there are no creative bones in their bodies. I do not think you have found it yet.Have you tried all the creative activities to see if there is any fun in it? I know a woman who thinks the same about her. He tried everything. Finally, he studied painting.He found someone who liked him.He came back again and again. It’s getting better. He began to feel an inner call for painting. He felt his purpose for the first time in his life. The art teacher admired his growing skill level.What is interesting is that they are in their sixties. This ability was ineffective until we decided to try many things. Now he sells his photos for thousands of dollars. You may want to stop looking for your creative self.Try again.There’s someone out there looking for things you can give the world. But you have to start digging. I assure you if you knock down all the stones. You will find something. This need not lead to material happiness.