Fight Unwanted loneliness (Part 2) – in part 1, it was explained what caused, who could get and the consequences of Unwanted Loneliness, the article in part 2 will explain how to Fight Unwanted lonelinessHow do new technologies influence sentiment? The truth is that new technologies do it in a very negative way because Everyone has a lot to do with whom we can leave, we can make comparisons and feel very isolated. we all attended meetings where users watched the mobile rather than the one in front of them. These acts isolate us. How to fight this emotional isolation? In each profile, it is important to determine whether there really is a social network, not necessarily very large, and whether the person still feels alone despite the fact that they already exist. This feeling of loneliness may be the symptom of another mental illness. Among the valued ones can work on the thoughts and behavior of people. For example, if I think that I am alone and that it is not real, we will have to see why I think about it, what are my expectations, because if I want a social plan every day, I have maybe unrealistic expectations, or if I do not have social networks have support, can start looking for activities and train social tools to create it.

Fight Unwanted loneliness (Part 1) – Unwanted loneliness is a psychological discomfort that affects many people and often manifests itself in psychotherapy sessions. Let’s see what it is. What is unwanted loneliness? Unwanted loneliness is the feeling that a part of the population feels as if they have no support and no one to talk to. This can be: they do not feel protected despite contact with other peopleclinically significant discomfort and a deterioration in the quality of lifeUnwanted loneliness different from voluntarily isolate themselves because of unwanted loneliness causes no discomfort. It can make other disorders such as depression, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, or anxiety disorder. borderline personality. What does it cause? Usually generated as a result of the combination of various risk factors can cause Unwanted loneliness some of these factors may be the problem of social skills