Fear of Involvement – What is the fear of involvement? Do you really suffer or is it an excuse if you do not want to continue with a relationship that does not fill us? For the psychologist Mila Cahue, from the Álava Reyes psychology center, the concept of “fear of participation” starts from a fundamental mistake. “Nowadays, people want a commitment if they do not touch each other. Couples begin to live together when they are in the appointment phase and they continue to know each other. Because it is this court that functions: that of time to know the other person “. In his opinion, the initial mistake is the increase in commitment when the relationship is still “green”.No single emotional modelIt is also true, continues Cahue, that there are people who do not want to compromise. “There are people who simply do not want to live as a couple, we have to admit that there is no single emotional model today, and if they are unable to reach that level of commitment, it’s because they have a thousand reasons behind them.