Educate with love –┬áRaising with love means taking the child as a human being; a person who deserves the same affection and respect as every adult. To raise and educate with love is to be reflected in the child and to remember the moments when we wanted a kiss, a caress, a hug, an approval … It ‘you love. Educate with Lovering and educate with love is to respect the development of the child without forcing it. There are teaching methods that allow us to let the child acquire certain skills faster than we thought. If you can promote pedagogy and achieve it without causing problems, for my own good; if not, let him grow up and wait with wise patience. To rise with love is to learn about the autonomy, the freedom of the student. Now, autonomy does not mean absence. Together with our child, we can encourage him to do things for himself but support him, let him know that we, his teachers, his parents, his mothers, we are here and we will help him. ‘he needs it.