The Easy Steps To Better Balance In Life – A man galloping on horseback. It seems like it’s important somewhere. A woman on the road shouts, “Where are you going?” The man replies, “I do not know, ask the horse.”For many of us, it’s the story of our lives as we run to meet the competing demands of family, home, friends, health, and work. Fortunately, we can take some simple steps to feel more balanced. These are the easy step to better balance in life: Step 1: Stop being so hard with yourself is easy to feel that you are doing everything in disorder. You are not a good partner, father, friend or employee. You can do it even better…Stop your own judgment and look objectively, you do it better than you think and with a few small changes. Step 2: first place your own oxygen mask there is a reason why flight attendants tell you to put on your own oxygen mask before helping others. If you do not take care of yourself, it’s hard to find the energy to take care of your loved ones and do your best at work. We all know that some things are bad for us (smoking, drinking, eating poorly, not exercising, not getting enough sleep).┬áContact your body and see what you are trying to say about what you eat and if you exercise enough and get enough sleep. A good night’s sleep will reward you the next day.