Don’t Make A Decision Under Pressure –¬†Fight or flight? Come here, yes or no. Each of these three problems explains the brain under pressure. It could be your brain, it could be mine. When it comes to pressure conditions, we are all in the same way: binary mode. In other words, we decide when we are under pressure and, if necessary, in all cases only two options and we tend to simplify two options. In fact, you are programmed to do this and for good reason. Imagine that you are a caveman or a cavewoman. And if you’re too young for that, think again when your parents are cavemen. At that time, the typical high-pressure situation contained sharp-edged tigers, and that’s what we did. So the situation is this: you will be sued by sharp jagged tigers. At this point, your brain becomes a binary machine: Trying to escape or die fighting Am I alive? It’s him. There is no other choice.