Do You Lack Confidence in Yourself? –¬†Does your fear of failure make you lose opportunities every time? I know what it does. A lack of confidence is a terrible travel companion. It paralyzes you. This ensures that you do not even try to fight for what you want and that you find yourself in a small comfort zone. During one phase of my life, I also lived this way, avoiding any situation in which I could fail. I was so afraid of failure that I missed several opportunities to study abroad. I resigned to continue my career as a researcher and even claimed to be sick. I did not have to face challenges such as speaking in public. Not to mention all the sentimental possibilities that I dropped. Fortunately, all this has been forgotten. Yes, I still feel uncertain, but after years of studying the science of emotions, I know what I should do. And I will tell you everything here. In this article, I will first reveal the golden rule of trust, then ten scientifically proven techniques to boost your confidence when you need it most.