Do not Let Them Take The Reins of Your Life –┬áMy grandmother was a widow at the age of 39 and until the day of her death, at the age of 67, my grandfather missed her. Her life as a couple was not perfect, but all the dead ends and problems they had before they were together were able to overcome her. My mother says that she often saw him in mourning, but did not have to ask why she knew it because my grandfather was gone. My mother is an orphan of father and mother; I lost my grandfather when I lost a 14-year-old girl and 29 years later, my grandmother when she was already a woman. My mother says that losing parents is something that can not be overcome so easily, you can continue to live, but every day you remember and can not wait to see them again. Is it normal to miss someone so often? It could be said that this is part of human nature. There are memories and experiences that have been so enjoyable and that have left us so happy memories,