Do not Ever send These Seven Photos to a Man –┬áNot only the intimate enter, there are some images to watch if you abuse, you should not send these pictures to a man is common that when you feel close to each other, take pictures, share and talk about women, you should know that there are some pictures that you should not send to men. To be honest, the Internet is a double-edged sword. Sometimes this can be to our advantage and sometimes the reason you should not send photos to a man is that they always receive them. well. And it’s not about intimate photos, there are some that you can call normal and that goes into the list of seven that you would rather miss or not always send. Seven photos that you do not always have to send to a man pictures always did women like to see how makeup transforms us and we are pretty, but it is not good to send pictures to a man like this and to emphasize that they are natural, it’s because we can get used to it and although they like the natural, it scares you.