Do negative people affect you? –┬áIn addition to protecting yourself from your toxic personality, it is important to show these people that to be happy, it is essential to have a more optimistic view of things. We are convinced that you also know negative people. He is always in a bad mood and has a great capacity to transmit it to his entourage. They are people with a low tolerance for frustration. They are used to reacting with protests and negative behaviors to events that do not exactly match their expectations. But how can we defend ourselves against them? What is the reason for the constant bad mood in some people? There are people living in constant pessimism. The negativity that affects not only their lives but also that of others. Experts tell us that, in reality, it is behind these people: constant irritability and dissatisfaction with themselves. In the end, these people are the victims of themselves, because they are constantly disappointed by reality.