Distrust as a Couple: What to Do When One Does not Trust the Other –¬†At some point in our lives, everyone is filled with fears. For this reason, it is likely that by sharing our feelings with someone else, we are transferring the love and uncertainties of the past. Know everything about mistrust in couples. Strong romantic relationships are based on security between the people who create them, but in some cases, this feature does not always appear. In this article, we will elaborate on this topic. It is not easy for one of the members of the couple to have a relationship of trust. Neither for the person who has uncertainty nor for whom is the object of suspicion. Lack of security is a problem that affects a large number of couples and can lead to an unfortunate interruption. However, it is still possible to get results in this situation and we present them here. Causes of Distrust as a CoupleWe spend most of our time sharing with the person we love, but why is there mistrust in a relationship?