Die of Love¬† –¬†There are various themes or expressions on the subject of love that are lost in our minds and help us think. Here are some examples and differences: “I’m almost in love”In general, we say that we have the impression of dying before disintegrating, die of love. We are not just songs and other works of art that support us and help us. They followed the same path. But what is common? The couple consists of two adults. Adults can take care of themselves. If we feel we are dead because the other is no longer there or decided not to continue the relationship, it is because we are not really in love with adults. We are still open for the love of a child. Because yes, a child can die before being abandoned. A baby dies of lack of love. Adults may feel sadness (logical and natural if contact is interrupted) and not die indoors.”Love can do anything”We believe that love can do anything in movies, TV shows, and children’s costumes. It can handle all the setbacks. If we give it all and we are there, loving, then win.