Dichotomous Thinking and Authoritarian Personality –¬†Either you do what I say or you are against me. What I say and think is the only truth, the rest is a lie or nonsense. This type of reasoning defines the authoritarian person, whose thinking is always dichotomous and rigid. Dichotomous thinking defines the people who construct their reality according to categories. For them, everything is white or black, good or bad, whether you are on their side or against them. This tendency to evaluate what surrounds them on the basis of such extreme or polarized concepts very often defines a clear authoritarian profile with which it is very complicated to live together. Absolute terms are not as abundant as we think in our social universe. It’s something we need to understand in the first place. That is to say, experience always shows us that absolute happiness, for example, is not possible. Also, people are never completely good or completely bad. Our reality is changing, complex, full of nuances, and being able to accept all this variability is the key to well-being and intelligence.