Dear Husband, This is What I Have Never Told You and I Need You –¬†Between two beautiful dreams, she listens to her alarm clock at six in the morning, this is the hour at which her routine begins. She gets up slowly so as not to wake her husband who sleeps peacefully beside her; He takes a bath and prepares to go to work. Sometimes he usually writes a letter and wishes him a great day. In the afternoon, she rushes home, because she has to prepare the food and take her husband to work. After having seen him for a moment, he says goodbye to him with a kiss, that he loves her and that he waits for her at the end of his working day. When they arrive at nine o’clock in the morning, she waits anxiously; sometimes, she puts on makeup, bathes and perfumes her body while she prepares her cup of coffee and her dinner. Different ways to loveThey have 14 years of marriage, enough time to learn what are their different ways of showing their love. She knows that he keeps the series at his side, cooks exotic dishes and every night he takes her in his arms.