Consumerism in The World of Fashion –┬áThere is a problem that many of us do not overcome and we want to talk about today. Consumerism in the world of fashion is becoming more than a worrying phenomenon. Unfortunately, we are talking about something more than a constraint. We are confronted with a phenomenon studied in depth by social psychology. The world of fashion, especially in Western countries, has changed dramatically in a few years. What we see is only the tip of the iceberg of a problem of international concern and devastating consequences for a very large part of the population. The extraordinary documentary The True Cost, beautifully directed by Andrew Morgan and recently released on Netflix, shows us the true price of a breathtaking reality. The truth is that we think for many years that we can buy a lot more clothes because prices have dropped. This, which seemed like good news for almost everyone (and some room for maneuver in the tight economies that many people face today), seems to be one of the most deadly economic strategies that people are experiencing. today.