Confronting Your Own Soul – I saw it again and again. A person came to my office to ask for advice and wanted to change my life. Many were not willing to face each other in their own physical mirror. This is difficult work. It’s scary to face the demons themselves, and then it’s even scarier to face these demons and defeat them. But there is no happiness without becoming aware. There is no conscience without pain. Why is there fear? Imagine a vehicle, a car or a van driving on the road at the maximum speed allowed. Imagine that the driver of this vehicle must change direction in normal driving. The driver refines the steering wheel to change direction. Even a slight change of trajectory causes friction in the tread of the tire, front and rear, although the tension in the front tires is higher. If the tires had physical sensations, there would be a pain on the surface of these tires because they are forced in a different direction. The break would occur in the tread of these tires if they were scraped on the asphalt or concrete of the road.