Confident or Arrogant, which one are you? – Sometimes people have difficulty distinguishing whether someone is a confident person or an arrogant person, here are some examples to distinguish. Giving adviceArrogant: Arrogant people tell others what to do or rectify what they do if they do not have this type of relationship. If you are a teacher, a mentor, a therapist, a president or the father of a small child, or if someone has asked you what advice to give, you must guide the situation and assign tasks. However, the way you play or cross borders can make people feel that you are arrogant. Confident: Confident people give advice at the prompt or check if they wish before submitting it. Like in “I have a suggestion, do you want it?” Or: “Do you want to know what I think?” When they advise, this is often expressed as “what works for me is …”