Compassion and Kindness – In our daily lives, we often experience emotions and sensations beyond our environment and beyond physical limits. These emotions are about people or do not allow us to reflect and initiate actions to avoid obstacles or investigate the benefits that affect us in many ways. It is necessary to understand the structural meaning and content of compassion and compassion within and beyond conceptual boundaries. The etymology of “compassion” is Latin, meaning “suffering.” Compassion includes “feelings toward others” and a pioneer of empathy; the ability to “feel like others” by active actions with a focus on people; In general, active compassion is a desire to relieve the suffering of others (ref: Wikipedia). One can see that love is closely related to doctors and human factors. In other words, when doing medical services, that is their attribute. The scriptures of the Qur’an emphasize compassion and begin with the words yazil Bismillah Ar-Rahman and Ar-Raheem Kur. If saying had crushed people, the people got less effect, but reflection reveals depth with reading it