Committed Relationships –¬†What are the main emotions, belief system, and behavior that you work within your life? This is what constitutes your love story and your loving behavior, what your soul has learned.His soul chooses his personality (introverted, extroverted, the country where you were born, your body, your natural gifts, etc.).Sometimes the challenges you face in dating are logical.It is helpful to observe the emotions to understand why the soul has chosen these emotions and what the soul and the person have learned. By understanding, you can understand your suffering, but not suffer suffering.The person also chooses a particular body to learn certain lessons, and this choice is based on what he should learn or what he should teach him.I learn to listen and talk to your body and balance your emotions so that your love life is freed from the old habits of love and you do not become the love you desire.We are always rooted in the heart through love, but the masculine and feminine roles are invited to give up the attachment to what we expect from each other or to grow in a higher love are not limited. for our society.