Characteristics of Hypocritical People – Because of the simple fact that he is one, each person must live a vital drama: their own interests and those of others, expressed in social norms, do not coincide. However, to survive, it is necessary to exist in a certain social fabric, be it a family, a village, a city or a big city. Strategies for controlling this tension appear here: we must be ourselves, but try to avoid contempt or rejection of others. Fortunately, most people are able to combine these two realities (public interests and private interests) well. Other times, however, some people choose attitudes that are sufficiently cynical or opportunistic to be truly prosocial. Normally, we know these people as hypocritical people. But … what really characterizes the hypocrites? Let’s take a look at a proposal of 6 typical characteristics of those who apply this strategy to socialize. Characteristics of Hypocritical PeopleAlthough there are different ways to identify hypocrites, we can generally recognize the following characteristics.