Can You be Totally Honest with The Couple? – Often, you can not or can not be completely honest with the couple because the truth can result in unnecessary conflict or unnecessary inconvenience. Lying is reprehensible if it ends selfishly or offensively. If we really want to be honest, let’s start by saying that there are many contradictions in the area of ​​sincerity. This is especially true for the question of sincerity in the couple. In theory, this is one of the great virtues of a relationship. In practice, complete sincerity sometimes causes stitches and wounds that are hard to forgive. Suppose also that no one can be absolutely sincere at any time of his life. There are many little lies that are told with the intention of giving the other person a pleasant feeling. That the dress is excellent, if you hardly notice the difference with another costume, but you realize that it does not feel safe. Or that the blunder was not terrible, because deep down, you know he made a huge mistake. They are what we call white or godly lies.