Can Women and Men be Just Friends? –┬áThis is a growing problem in the academic world and especially in the psychological world. Gender equality has brought many changes, like the way we connect. Women and men now share many aspects of their lives with the same thing, but can they be friends? Evolutionary psychology seems to understand why this does not always work, but more and more people choose unequal sex partners. The answer that we find in almost everything is the ability of people to get to know each other and get to know each other. Without this ability, women and men may misinterpret the signs. This is one of the biggest obstacles, so we can only be friends without a romantic comedy between them. In fact, it seems that this ability is the basis of true friendship between a man and a woman. How do we get to know a friend? Although we know what friendship is, it is important to know that friendship has different nuances for men and women.