We do not Need Many Friends, but Real Friends – Maria was busy all day. Go from one place to another with the agenda fully processed. Finish the day and is isolated in his apartment. Dinner only something that was left in the fridge of a previous day, and entertains watching a rather interesting series. She is a successful professional, but sometimes she can not help but feel a little lonely. Has this happened to you? According to various studies, according to El PaĆ­s newspaper, about one in three people in Western countries would often feel alone. Our world of direct communication and sympathy suffers from an epidemic of loneliness. Only in a world of virtual interaction according to another study that analyzes relationships of friendship and loneliness, the friends we talk about in our lives and our relationship with them thirty years later can predict loneliness, well-being, and depression. Do we need these friends for our journey through life? I must say that many people live like Maria. Live daily with superficial relationships. It is very common that, subject to so much stress, we limit to the minimum professional, family and social obligations