Boredom in Relationships is Normal but Transform It into Something Positive – I always like to spend time at home and with my family. but I also sometimes feel the need to rest from his presence. If it happens to me, it can happen to me a lot. In the case of spouses, imagine that you wake up every day next to the same person for 20 or 25 years (or more). The grandparents tolerated it because they learned to love and even accept the mistakes and strange habits of their husbands, but it’s something that does not always happen in today’s couples. Now, remember that you were a girl or a teenager. The holidays were long overdue; being able to get up late, watch TV, take a walk with family or friends was desirable. However, when Mom and Dad started to remind us that we had rights and duties in the same way, it was then that our desire to go to the study hall passed us. I am aware that everyday coexistence is a problem for those who share a house, be it a couple, parents and children or a group of friends.