Help! I’m Bored With My Partner –¬†With a lot of nostalgia and emotion, I remember the first look I saw with my husband. This magical and special moment happened in the workplace. As if it were a pleasure, at first sight, I watched her smile, her dark skin and her shiny hair with great curiosity. Moments later, I felt my heart tremble, my cheeks blush and my voice trembles as he tried to make me talk. This was the beginning of my love story. with long, deep and interesting conversations, romantic dates and new adventures, I finally fell in love with him. A year rich in important experiences has passed until we decide to formalize our love in marriage. Every day at his side was special, he learned new things, we did things together all the time and fully enjoyed his company. He lived a love story as a story in which the princess charms her prince and lives happily forever. The phases that culminate when we are in love, we see everything in pink, we feel butterflies in the stomach and we want to stay with the loved one as long as possible.