Assertive Communication: Express What You Feel Without Feeling Guilty – Assertive┬ácommunication is not as simple as we think, because it can be guided by guilt to express what we really mean. How many times have you been silent to feel guilty? This is what we mean when we actually determine what we want or what we think, when we are afraid of this statement, even if we express disapproval or criticism, even if what other people want to hear or what is happening initially. Produce a better environment. Learn to say what we want the word “hardness” refers to safety. A racing sensation that lets you say what you want when you want to express yourself. Saving something that you want to share with other people may have happened more than once. It is not positive, uncertain. Of course, our words can be offensive, maybe not funny, even real insults. The most important thing is to be able to express without harming others, even if we do it accidentally because they do not want to hear what we say to others.