Arras in Marriage –¬†One of the most important moments of a wedding is the sending of arras, but the real meaning is very different from the beginning. Read on to recognize history and tradition. Marriage is full of symbols that represent promises, desires, unity, and surrender. One of them is the arenas considered representative of the couple’s material and spiritual well-being. The arrangement is full of emotions and meanings that go beyond the coins. The man transfers his wealth to the woman and returns it. In addition, the realization of this action took the blessings of the descendants of the association and the priests. Like the rings that symbolize the agreements, the arras represents the actions of sharing everything. “My property is mine and mine.” Well-being is shared. They also want abundance for the future. What is Arras? Ark takes thirteen mines, 12 gold coins, and silver and takes a child to an altar in a basket or bowl. After the wedding ceremony, the godfather gives the bride to give them the bride.