Angry Teenager? 8 Tips to Deal With Anger in Adolescents –┬áIs your teenager often angry? Can he easily “explode” with something? Are the explosions accompanied by screams and slaps? If your reasoning and reprimands only exacerbate and aggravate anger, there are things you can do to reduce tension and take control of the situation as a parent and adult. The trigger for your child’s anger can be simple: ask him to clean his room, have him finish his homework before going out with friends or ask him questions about bad grades. in the last report. Instead of a good answer, you get an attack and an angry and even disrespectful response. Many parents react to an angry teenage son by being trained in the verbal exchange of justifications and claims, adding fuel to the fire or being paralyzed without knowing what to do. So you can take control, here are eight tips to deal with the situation.1. Avoid confronting yourself and screaming after your child when angry.