A Real Man Never Hurts A Woman –¬†What a woman needs her husband, especially respect for her company. There will be times in your life where you will have to choose between being loved and respected. Respect without love can only become one moment, but RESPECT infinite love. The traits you can not see are the hardest and the hardest to heal. Men who are really role models do not have to underestimate women just to make them strong. It’s just superficial. Men should not disrespect the mother of their children. Always remember that the spouses do their best to pay attention, love and meet the needs of their children; Revenge is a disaster sometimes. We have to leave the men who poisoned us. Although we want to survive, they want to leave us empty and empty us, but these people continue to suffocate us. Women are not separated from men because they make many mistakes because men continue to do the same without learning the same mistakes.