7 Steps to Recover from Adversity –┬áDo you grow up against adversity or go down? Do you complain when the wind blows against you? Do you throw in the mud when you fall? Or even worse, you are a person who blames or punishes others when problems arise. How to manage the stress, anxiety or frustration that difficult situations cause you? In the face of failures, there are three types of people, three attitudes. In the first place, there are people who do nothing new: they continue to behave the same way or paralyze like a blind rabbit in the middle of the night; they wait for life to turn around and solve the problems. Secondly, there are people who do what they do, but who in reality limit themselves to complaining, complaining or blaming themselves; they become defensive and decrease with each setback. Finally, there is the third group. those who decide to take their life in hand and do something constructive with it.