The Keys of Emotional Communication – I do not know if you remember the famous American footballer who said on television that he was the best football player in the world. If you remember, you may also know that there is a lot of excitement about these statements. His opponents criticized him and social networks were inundated with evidence to prove it was not him, but another, the best on the planet. Why did all this happen? Why were so many controversies generated when he just said what he believed? The reason is that his message was immobile, objective and inflexible. In short: he did not use emotional communication. Had they done so, they would certainly not have criticized it this way. Women improve, men notOf all the social skills that have been and have been, emotional communication is what will definitely bring more peace to your life. We are not used to communicating emotionally.

Characteristics of Hypocritical People – Because of the simple fact that he is one, each person must live a vital drama: their own interests and those of others, expressed in social norms, do not coincide. However, to survive, it is necessary to exist in a certain social fabric, be it a family, a village, a city or a big city. Strategies for controlling this tension appear here: we must be ourselves, but try to avoid contempt or rejection of others. Fortunately, most people are able to combine these two realities (public interests and private interests) well. Other times, however, some people choose attitudes that are sufficiently cynical or opportunistic to be truly prosocial. Normally, we know these people as hypocritical people. But … what really characterizes the hypocrites? Let’s take a look at a proposal of 6 typical characteristics of those who apply this strategy to socialize. Characteristics of Hypocritical PeopleAlthough there are different ways to identify hypocrites, we can generally recognize the following characteristics.

I Feel Inferior to Others: Possible Causes, and What to Do – Self-esteem is very important for the development of people, at all stages. This begins to be established in the early stages of development and is consolidated in adulthood, where the subject with a good self-image will be able to deal with the various setbacks that are presented. However, it is quite common for people to experience problems in this regard. “I feel inferior to others” is a common thought, a consequence of the fact that something went wrong while determining self-esteem. Anyway, with the fact that we have noticed, we have already taken the first step towards a healthier self-image. Below we will see what to do in these cases and some of the possible causes. Why do I feel inferior to others? As we saw earlier, when I feel inferior to others, it is because the process of establishing self-esteem was broken at some point. This could have happened in several ways. So let’s see the most common ones.

Night Anxiety: Causes and Keys to Overcome It (Part 2) – In part 1 has been explained in part 1 that Anxiety is an emotion of adaptation that is normal and that people can often feel on a daily basis, but nighttime anxiety is not entirely positive. This is usually the result of worries we may have about something that happens to us on a daily basis. In part 2 in part 2, it will continue on Keys to Overcome Night AnxietyExerciseExercise is necessary because it offers many benefits, not only physically, but also psychologically. Studies show that sports practice improves the state of mind. It also helps us reduce stress and anxiety, as it reduces the presence of cortisol in our body. In addition, with physical exercise, you will be more tired at home and sleep better. But … do not overdo itHowever, to prevent the nervous system from becoming too active late at night, it is best to exercise or exercise in the morning or early afternoon. The most important thing is to avoid training at night.

Night Anxiety: Causes and Keys to Overcome It (Part 1) – It is 2 am and within 5 hours you have to get up to go to work. You have rocked and turned for two hours, and no matter how hard you try, you can not sleep. You have tried everything to fall asleep quickly, count the sheep, apply the 4-7-8 method, etc., but every minute that passes, you feel more tormented and worried. Whenever you have less time to sleep and think about it, you wake up more. If you think this has happened to you, you may experience nighttime anxiety, which may be associated with occasional or prolonged insomnia, for a variety of reasons. In this article, you will find some tips for overcoming this type of fear. When the mind does not come off this unpleasant sensation can occur for a variety of reasons and you have certainly experienced it in your life. The nocturnal fear is invading you as you enter this vicious circle in which you do not know whether you should go to bed,

What are The Emotional Dreams? – You have to feel really scared, you must observe your fear of tightening your back muscles and tightening your heart, you should feel a rage that does not allow you to master or experiment Do you think they mistreated you in a dream? Or are you naked and reminiscent of many people? Is someone crying or angry because they hurt you? Do you want to kill someone in the dream? This is called an “emotional dream.”In your daily life, you are overwhelmed by many events that trigger an emotional response that is not always perceived. In fact, you often think that what someone says or does not affect you or how you handle it. Did not you do it when you were a kid? To get rid of everything? Indeed, it is true that survival learning has implicitly adopted specific strategies, sometimes unintentionally developed to escape the stronger expression of “your personalized personality.”In childhood, this strategy has been instrumental in preserving life and mental health.

Tips to Respond to People Who Stab You in The Back – Treason can make us react or avenge ourselves in the same way, but these options are never the best. Here are tips to Respond to the people who Stab You in The Back. Everyone at some point in our lives has been stabbed in the back by a “friend” who has spoken badly about us or who has betrayed us in one way or another, behaviors that often call into question our character and our integrity. When we have to live in such a situation, we feel angry, frustrated, hurt and even often we do not understand why the person did so; We spend hours thinking about how we should act or how best to respond. We give you 6 tips to answer the people who put you in the back. Get away from this person despite the bad sorrow or pain that the situation may cause you, you must stay away from this person, hypocrisy is never a good ingredient for life. Remember that no relationship can be built on the basis of mistrust or infidelity. Analyze the damage that caused the commentsIf you are aware of the comments made, it is best to evaluate the damage that could result in your image or your reputation.