Making Peace with The Past – An airplane when going to take off should take into account the weight of the load carried, if the weight of the load carried exceeds the maximum limit it must be reduced because the plane will have difficulty taking off and will be dangerous.We can analogize the quality of life as a plane above, we have passed several airports in transit as well as this life continues in its journey to rise. The failure of the soul to “take off” is due to the burden that exceeds the maximum capacity that is owned and this is not realized by the body that carries the soul.

Disappointing style (Part 2) – Finally, at this Weekend, Rambo and Joe really carried out their plan. With the assignment letter signed by Rambo, they were permitted to their wives to go out of town on business. They really want to try a challenge they have long left behind, that is making love with a slut.Arriving at the destination city, they both go to Hotel Flower, ordering 2 adjacent rooms. After reaching Joe’s room, he immediately contacted Pimp, named Cassinelli. Joe gets the pimp’s phone number from his friend Tyler

Disappointing style (Part 1) – Rambo and Joe are childhood friends who until they were mature, their friendship relationship still persisted. Why not, both of them attend the same school since elementary, junior high and high school. In fact, both of them also worked in the same company, although Rambo’s position was higher than Joe’s,, that did not reduce their closeness.Not only in work, in other cases, but they are also always together. Drunk together, karaoke together, fishing together, even making love with a whore no matter, they are also shared. No wonder then the Office called them “inseparable”. Where there is a Rambo, there was Joe.

The Same Way (Part 2) – One day, when Rambo was engrossed in making love with Amy, suddenly, a car sound came into Amy’s home page. Amy knew the sound of the car. her husband Gareth’s car. He certainly did not expect if her husband would go home that soon, even though he should, her husband should have come home in two hours.Of course, Rambo panicked, especially when the sound of Gareth’s footsteps was getting closer.Rambo’s panic became even worse when he realized that Amy’s house did not have a back door, which meant there was no other way out for Rambo.

The Same Way (Part 1) – You could say, Rambo, is a very lucky man. Why not, with a face on the 7/10 level and a mediocre brain, he can become the main director at a publishing company besides that he can also marry Sarah as his wife. Sarah is not an ordinary woman, she is a special woman. Not only beautiful, but she is also independent, understanding and painstaking in managing the household. But Rambo is a depraved man, with all the “perfect” wife gifts he got, he was still tempted to cheat. And the bastard, he cheated on Amy, a friend near Sarah his wife.The affair began when Rambo took Sarah to visit Amy’s house. Somehow, there is something strange in Rambo’s heart when he faces Amy. His heartfelt pounding. He felt there was something else from Amy, something he could not find in Sarah’s figure.

Surprise on Rambo’s Birthday (Part 2) – In the afternoon, when He got home from work, Rambo was intercepted by Jennifer in the front lobby. “Sir, wait a minute,” he said.”What’s wrong, Jennifer?””Sir, today is your 40th birthday, what if we celebrate it?””Celebrating my birthday? Where do you want to be celebrated? “”If it’s in my apartment, how is it?”Rambo’s dirty thoughts suddenly appeared. Seeing Jennifer, his young and sexy secretary, it was difficult for Rambo to refuse the offer.”It’s okay, why not!”

Surprise on Rambo’s Birthday (Part 1) – Twelve March, Rambo started his day with joy, because Twelve March was his 40th birthday. For Rambo, 40 was a very important and special age. He always believes in the phrase “Life begins at 40”, a new life begins at the age of 40.At the age of 40 years, Rambo has arguably been very happy both career and household. He now holds the position of managing director at one of the major publishing companies in his city, whereas his marriage is quite happy, Rambo married to Sarah a beautiful and independent woman and has been blessed with a 5-year-old daughter named Shakira.