Curse of the Lord of the Universe (The Story of Goddess Uma) Part 1 – Goddess Uma is one of the wives of Sang Hyang Bathara Guru, the Kings of the gods who are enthroned in Jong Giri Saloka Heaven. In her life story, Goddess Uma once got a curse as a giant due to the act of Bathara Guru who could not resist her lustful desire while traveling in the air driving Andhini Cow.After being expelled from heaven Jong Giri Saloka, Goddess Uma who became known as the Bathari name Durga became the ruler of the unseen world in Gandamayit.

Symbol of Harmony between Husband and Wife (Goddess Ratih’s example) – In the book of Smaradhahana the work of Mpu Dharmaja, Dewi Ratih name written (Rati) and her lover Kamajaya. In the book told about the burning of Dewi Ratih along Kamajaya towards the birth of Ganesha (elephant-headed deity). The spirit of the goddess and Ratih Kamajaya then incarnated into physical Kirana and Sri Kamesywara, Kadiri Kings who ruled from the year 1116 until 1135 M.

Light in The Dark Alley Of Men (The Story of Dewi Supraba) Part 2 – The Role Of Dewi Supraba In The Mission Of Arjuna/Begawan MintaragaAll Javanese puppet fans surely know the figure of Arjuna. Arjuna was the biological son of Kunti Nalibrata and Lord Indra. As a disciple of Guru Drona, Arjuna is not only had inner magical power, but also the physical power. Arjuna is very shrewd in his use of the weapon crossbow.

Light in The Dark Alley Of Men (The Story of Dewi Supraba) Part 1 –  Literally, the name Supraba means “glorious light or great light”. Thus Dewi Supraba can be meant as a figure of a woman full of solutions, both in terms of the household as well as in terms of life. That is why in the world of Javanese puppets, Dewi Supraba is much admired by men.
In the story of Begawan Mintaraga in Javanese puppets, it is told that Supraba was proposed by King Niwata Kawaca of Manikmantaka kingdom to be his wife. But the proposal did not get the blessing of the King of Jong Giri Saloka Gods of Heaven namely Sang Hyang Bathara Guru.

Uniquely Being the Second Child – There are several facts about the second child that will make you understand how special we are – the second child you often forget. keep this in mind.In the fraternity of a family, the second child — especially in the arrangement of three siblings — usually a child who allegedly was not too memorable as the eldest and youngest child. If the first child is often used as a role model, while the youngest child is a favorite child, the second child is a middle child is different – they are more often considered the most different than the two siblings.

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Don’t Be Afraid Of Living Relaxing – Although as a full-time trader but I always use the principle of the effectiveness of the time, the question always comes up on my mind “is a long Time used for trading it effective??” then “what Success is achieved by trading hours long?? ” … Yes maybe you can succeed with your trading, but you failed in your personal life because you have no enough time to accompany those persons you care about.Just imagine you are tired of trading (and maybe make some money) but your children are not close to you and truly tragic if coupled with declining because of less lucrative health break and burdened by stress.