This is My Secret to Solve Conflicts with My Partner – All marriages are quarreling at one point in the relationship, so it is up to each couple to resolve them so that they can have a successful marriage. On several occasions, I fought with my husband, but I can say that all the battles led me to an internship, how to manage my emotions and that I must admit and tolerate things with which I may not be Okay. But that’s love, finding a balance and staying together until eternity, as my grandmother has always said: all problems have a solution. Now it’s impossible to enumerate all kinds of conflicts because each pair is different, but I can find out what worked for me to solve them: Listen and shut upUsually, when I expose my discomfort, my husband stays silent, looks and listens carefully to everything I say. Sometimes his attitude was generally desperate because he did not say a word to interrupt me, but his strategy was to give up my emotions and find solutions. Now, I acted the same way as him; when we discuss we usually stop, we do not interrupt and then we expose our points of view and argue why we think we are right.

Emotional Maturity – A few days ago, I had an unpleasant experience. but like all situations in life, he left me a precious lesson. Some social networks can form groups where people meet if they have the same taste. In a group of those in favor of a film, the majority of those present mentioned the death of one of the most beloved characters. I started reading the comments on this debate and I discovered that of a girl about 13 years old who wrote that she was very sad (the text reflected her feelings) because of several events in this movie. In my years, I understand that during puberty we tend to suffer for things that do not make sense, and this event was exactly that. It seemed fair to me to give a “mature” opinion on the situation and offer some comfort. But in the middle of such a drama, I took mine not to “play the game” and feel sorry for his pain. The response was aggressive, but I was not surprised. It’s not that I do not understand that someone can suffer from things like that;

Friends are that Family We Can Choose – For me, life is like a roller coaster; From time to time, there are bends, dizzy falls, steep slopes that make you alive and there are also moments of calm. It is the existence of a person full of moments of peace, joy, fears, fears. Sometimes you are surrounded by many people and sometimes you are alone, but you always learn something, and as long as you do, you will win. The problem is that you know that you are going to live in a complicated situation. You do not know for sure if you can count on the support of your family. It can happen that it happens; for many people, however, it is the opposite and when they seek the comfort of their loved ones, they find only criticism, coldness and harshness. What to do if you are in trouble and you do not have support from your family? We must first clarify that there are happy and unhappy families. Happy families try to help, support, give affection, lead members. Unhappy families act in the opposite direction, judge, criticize, insist repeatedly on the mistakes of their members and leave in case of great need.

How to Find Peace When the World is Falling Apart – You try to calm your soul and to silence your mind. Peace is in you and you can find it by following these simple tips. He had just spoken to an employee who is going through difficult times in his life: painful divorce, only 3 children, a serious change in his lifestyle and his economy, debts, change of house, leaving friends and relatives as a result of their divorce. , the broken car, the illness of one of their children, a lot of exhaustion, and as if that was not enough, the death of their father after a long illness. When he told me that all this had happened to him in the past three months, a small tear appeared in his eyes, after which he smiled at me and said – but I’m better and everything is fine – we intertwined with a lot of love and left to continue with our trip. Later, he saw her in the distance, hastily completing her last chores of the day, with two backpacks, her bag and the smaller one while holding her hands to others and saying goodbye to her friends with caresses and kisses.

Loneliness in Love – We know that love does not concern the solitude of the remedy, there is only SOMS. There is no worse suffering than the love of having found our life suddenly in the solitude of indifference, measuring the distance in the cold emotional feeling. You are by my side, but I do not feel you. Loneliness can be devastating; It is almost as if you perceive that a window has been opened, allowing you to penetrate at the same time the passion of the interest, the complicity dying once enlightened caressing smiles disappeared. Almost without you knowing how to die Indifference, a sudden hostility of reproach in looks seeking to die is avoided from afar. I give both, I receive there is one thing we would like to doubt without all dying love, we would admit that someone of the same intensity would be sent back (I GIVE both, I receive). We think that the feeling of absolute balance in affective relationships is enormous.

The Relationship Between Stress and Diseases – Human well-being depends not only on the physical plane but also on psychological and emotional well-being. The body and the mind are constantly working together. This is one of the reasons that physical problems in the field of health can have an emotional origin. For example, the stress generated by a state of alertness and constant nervousness in the body may presuppose the development of certain conditions. One of the biggest risks to health is the normalization of stress, the change in the tendency to anticipation, urgency and precipitation in a way of life. A way of life that goes against human well-being, because this way of life does not respect individual needs. The influence of stress on healthFor this reason, there is a link between a high level of stress and the development of certain health problems.

If You Complain Less You Will be Happier – The desire to be happier is often seen in human life, which coincides with specific dates like early spring, birthday parties or turning points. To be happier, you can start with small movements that will make your life clearer. In keeping with happiness, the point is clear: Complaints keep you from this goal. Your grievances are pessimistic because when you observe the reality of this dimension, instead of strengthening gratitude in other ways, you increase the shortcomings or shortcomings you do not want.It is true that there are difficulties in life and the complaint is human. However, it is not a good idea to continue to respond to complaints. If you do not complain, you will have a higher level of work and personal satisfaction. You will notice not only optimism but also your future.How can I complain less?With the help of your hands and applications like meditation, you can lay aside claims for happiness.See how complaints restrict youThe first step in changing this response is to realize that common grievances not only benefit but also become chronic.