Sometimes Love Ends Leaves You Great Teachings – I think this love when it’s real, does not end. I feel deep down that it has been strengthened and transformed over the years. But that requires two emotionally mature people. The sad thing is that in order to grow, we often have to bear the most tragic pain of the soul: the collapse of romantic relationships. Overcoming a break-up is very difficult to even when the relationship ends, but you still feel love for that person. This can take a long or short time, depending on the strength of the people involved, but it always takes a lot of tears, it leaves a person stronger, wiser and better. The harsh reality of romantic relationshipsWell, although painful Sometimes Love Ends Leaves You Great Teachings, we who experience what “love is over”, we know that there are several terrible aspects at the end of love, and they are:1 Breaking the relationship is a difficult decision

Social networks and our lifestyle here are some examples of the messages I read on social networks. Personally, I like to send more SMS than phone calls because it is a convenient and simple means of communication. Like me, more and more people live virtually, step by step, far from reality. It is impossible not to use technology to our advantage because it is part of our way of life. However, we must be aware of the harmful effects of the consolidation of our social relations. That’s why experts say we need to understand why social media should not be taken into account. Of course, for a while, or at least learn how to use them in a healthy way.1 We are less empathicJaron Lanier in his book “Ten Arguments to Remove Your Social Network Accounts Now Right” (ten arguments to delete your social networking accounts now), he confirms that networks affect our ability to empathize.

Never regret being a good person – Sarah considers herself a good woman, but she feels sad and discouraged because some people around her say that she is not good, that she is stupid and that people are mistreating her. Sarah is not stupid, she realizes that some people have abused their trust and their goodwill and yes, sometimes the feeling is a little disappointed because people who do favors or treats do not react so good with kindness. But what hurts most is that others think they lack intelligence and try to scam it. Some good friends who liked it suggested that they had less confidence in themselves or less malice and did not allow people to abuse their trust. Has something similar happened to you? Did you do well and did you answer the opposite? And more importantly, how did you feel? Do you have a disappointment or do you feel betrayed? If at any point you felt this, I would ask you to come with me to discuss some very interesting ideas about kindness and the reasons to be nice:1 Kindness is a feeling that arises because we love to care for others and make them feel goodOne of the many miracles of man is that wonderful feeling that bubbles in the heart and invites us to do what is good for others.

What Types of Suffering Exist – Distress, bitterness, despair, they are all kinds of human suffering. Suffering stains our lives with sadness and darkness. However, not all sufferings are the same, there are different types of suffering. According to the experts, mental health is the suffering that is the main cause of suicide, about which we speak as little as it says. When we suffer, our mind is stuck and nothing seems logical. We feel like a storm has taken away all our joy and well-being. Yet suffering is always an excellent opportunity to reflect on this, otherwise, we would not do it. Suffering is an opportunity could say that suffering puts us in touch with our vulnerability to surface water and wins a part of us that escapes the attempt of control. Our inner world becomes visible when suffering visits us, making us aware of our true needs and concerns. We can then say that suffering, no matter how hard we run, can become a good friend.

The Culture of Victimhood – Do you know the culture of victimization? Do you stop complaining continually or do you receive complaints? Do you know what it means to be a victim? The sacrifice of the victim is a psychological trait that influences personal relationships. Each of us has taken on the role of victim in painful or traumatic situations in our lives because we feel vulnerable and unprotected, and we need them to take care of us and protect us. The culture of victimization reinforces this by making the person taking the victim role seem to be accompanied. When we have experienced the care and protection of those around us, we discover that it is nice to feel the attention of others, that we feel that we are the protagonists of our environment and that they constantly monitor us. It happens that some people assume this role of identity, they become chronic victims. This identity is part of the culture of victimization in which we find ourselves: it is good to help those who need it, even if it means getting lost. On the contrary, not offering help presupposes negative social criticism.

How to Denounce an Abusive Partner – What can help us make the decision to report our partner? Today, we will discover some tips for filing a complaint, as we recommend to anyone facing the same situation. Reporting an insulting partner seems simple when this situation is experienced by another person. However, when this happens in our own flesh, justifications (many irrational and absurd) prevent us from making that decision. That’s why today we are going to discover some tips that can help us. There are currently many options and resources available to report an abusive partner. However, we remain reluctant to use them. With these 4 tips, let’s see how we can use them to protect ourselves from these harmful relationships. How to report an abusive partner below is a series of tips and useful ideas: Get on family and friendsIf we have a violent relationship, we often do not want to see reality. Our friends and family may have told us that this person is not good for us and we must leave. The truth is they are right.

We do not Need Many Friends, but Real Friends – Maria was busy all day. Go from one place to another with the agenda fully processed. Finish the day and is isolated in his apartment. Dinner only something that was left in the fridge of a previous day, and entertains watching a rather interesting series. She is a successful professional, but sometimes she can not help but feel a little lonely. Has this happened to you? According to various studies, according to El País newspaper, about one in three people in Western countries would often feel alone. Our world of direct communication and sympathy suffers from an epidemic of loneliness. Only in a world of virtual interaction according to another study that analyzes relationships of friendship and loneliness, the friends we talk about in our lives and our relationship with them thirty years later can predict loneliness, well-being, and depression. Do we need these friends for our journey through life? I must say that many people live like Maria. Live daily with superficial relationships. It is very common that, subject to so much stress, we limit to the minimum professional, family and social obligations